Our Data Science team has developed an advanced analytics platform that captures high-fidelity physiological waveform data from critical care patient beds at the University of Michigan. We're able to harness the power of 'big data' and digital technologies for developing and testing clinical decision support (CDS) tools. We collect patient data including waveforms, vitals, and EHR from nearly 200 beds from the University of Michigan Hospital ICU. This data is captured real-time and de-identified for MCIRCC member research use.

Whether you want to utilize our data, or you already have your own, our expert data scientists can work with you to gain maximum insight. We offer several distinct Data Science Offerings around our data:

  • Provide our members access to custom developed MCIRCC tools that allow our members to create cohorts and annotate waveforms.
  • For a nominal fee, our Data Scientists can pull de-identified cohort data for MCIRCC members.
  • Our Data Scientists can create custom analytics as part of a grant in which we are written.

Additionally, if you have your own data that you would like our Data Scientists to analyze, please contact us so we can assess your needs and determine how we can help.

For more information contact:
Phil Jacokes
Managing Director, MCIRCC