We know funding is a top priority for MCIRCC members. To make it easier to find new opportunities, our Proposal Development Unit has launched a comprehensive database of critical care opportunities for members.

“Instead of having to sift through long lists of solicitations on the National Institute of Health or Department of Defense websites, members can see opportunities tailored to critical care using this website,” said Richelle Weihe, MCIRCC’s Proposal Development Unit manager.

To use the site, members will use their Level-1 credentials to log-in. From there, they will see the complete list of available opportunities. The list can be filtered by due date or award cycle, or members can use specific search terms such as “cardiovascular” to tailor their results.

More details are available once a user clicks on a listing. For example, eligibility, amount, and proposal descriptions are all laid out in a reader-friendly format. If a member decides to pursue an opportunity, Richelle has advice for next-steps posted on the site.

Richelle encourages all members to contact her once they’ve decided to submit a proposal. She is available to assist during various points along the proposal pre-award lifecycle, including:

  • Development of proposal ideas and strategies (pre-RFA/solicitation)
  • Evaluation of the opportunity vs. capability (post-RFA/solicitation release)
  • Pursuit of an opportunity (post-RFA/solicitation release)
  • Production of the proposal (post-RFA/solicitation release)
  • Debrief/lessons learned (post-submission)

With this new resource combined with Richelle’s expertise, members can expect their proposals will be competitive, complete, and timely. However, Richelle suggests all members should contact her as soon as they know they are interested in an opportunity, and no later than four weeks ahead of the deadline.

Ready to start using the website? Click here (don’t forget to use your Level-1 credentials). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Richelle at wrichell@med.umich.edu