Innovation Underground

What happens when you bring scientists, entrepreneurs, and innovators together in a casual atmosphere? Big ideas! 

Innovation Underground is a series of free get-togethers for our members. It's a chance for you to meet like-minded individuals looking to make a difference in critical care.

Seminar Series

The MCIRCC Seminar Series provides great opportunity for our members to network and discuss the latest in critical care medicine. We invite leaders from all disciplines to present on a range of critical care topics such as neurologic catastrophes, sepsis and severe inflammation, trauma and combat casualty care, and cardiac emergencies.

Upcoming Seminars


Past Seminars

Challenges in Combat Casualty Care | March 9, 2016

Col. Todd E. Rasmussen talks about the Department of Defense's Combat Casualty Care Research Program. The program seeks to drive medical innovation through development of knowledge and materiel solutions for the acute and early management of combat-related trauma; including point-of-injury, en route, and facility-based care.