The Sepsis Grand Challenge aims to support researchers to find new ways to diagnose, monitor, and treat sepsis, one of the deadliest conditions worldwide.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition caused by an extreme immune response to an infection, like “friendly fire” within the body. Chemicals released into the blood to fight the infection trigger widespread inflammation that becomes uncontrolled, causing significant organ damage. Sepsis has devastating consequences, including long hospital stays, recurring complications, and a high death rate.

The Sepsis Grand Challenge brings researchers together to develop solutions for improved patient outcomes at reduced healthcare costs. Clinicians and engineers alike were challenged to develop rapid, bedside diagnostics, personalized management of the immune system, and better solutions for “front-line” patient management. With more than $300,000 available in funding in 2015, there were six teams that proved themselves to be the "game changers" capable of revolutionizing sepsis care and treatment.



Recognizing the need to revolutionize sepsis care and treatment, MCIRCC's Sepsis Grand Challenge integrated medical and engineering experts with the goal of finding "game changers" that demonstrated the greatest clinical and market potential. The Grand Challenge strategy focused on three core requirements:

  • Solve a pervasive and urgent problem that will improve outcomes with the visionary end-goal of curing sepsis.

  • Form integrative teams comprised of clinicians and engineers to close the gap between scientific research, clinical workflow, and patient care delivery.

  • Merge innovative, world-class research with commercialization fundamentals to attract industry partners for speed to market strategies.