Join us for today’s meeting. Van Harrison, PhD, will lead the discussion on “UM Medical Group's Evolving Organization and Operating Model: A Real-Time Example of Change to Survive and Thrive.”


Virtually all major healthcare providers in the U.S. are on a financial trajectory to go out of business unless substantial changes are made in the organization and delivery of care.  The session will present the "slide deck" prepared last month by the UM Medical Group concerning its evolving organizational model.  Then participants will discuss learning and engagement possibilities for DLHS. 

WHEN:            12:00 PM – 1:00 pm 


WHERE:           Large Conference Room #204

                         2nd Floor, Victor Vaughan Building

                         1111 E. Catherine St. (across from Angelo’s Café)


Derdre Jeske | Administrative Assistant Sr

PH: 734-763-0200