• Victor Vaughan Building (map)
  • 1111 E Catherine Street #204

Today, the Knowledge Grid Team presents “Trust in Computable Biomedical Knowledge (CBK) – What does recent history about trust in automation (e.g., the Boeing story), trust in social media (e.g., the Facebook story), and trust in technology overall (‘End of Privacy’ and ‘Transparency’ narratives) have to teach us about trust in CBK, in particular?”


Grab your lunch and come join us!



WHEN:            12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Monday, April 15


WHERE:           Large Conference Room #204

                         2nd Floor, Victor Vaughan Building

                         1111 E. Catherine St. (across from Angelo’s Café)



To join via Blue Jeans: 


Phone: 1-734-763-1841

Meeting ID: 183 788 8419