March 22, 1pm - MSRB 3340


Jay Dickson is the brother of Robert Dickson, MD (U-M Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine)




Constructing the largest image ever made, an 8 trillion pixel mosaic of Mars: How to do big science without high-performance computing


Scientists are tasked with how to process, visualize and analyze massive amounts of data. This challenge is often met with hardware solutions: building massive air-conditioned computing facilities. In the field of planetary science, this investment in hardware has stunted the development of software that more efficiently interacts with high volumes of data, relative to software built for the humanities (image editing, film production, audio engineering). In this talk, I’ll show how more efficient software and non-linear data processing can lead to the construction of the largest image ever made: an 8 trillion pixel image of Mars, rendered at 5 m/px across the entire planet.