As a certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach, Pam Wyess helps leaders develop a coaching mindset so they can have conversations that boost engagement and productivity.  She draws upon more than 2 decades of leadership experience, bringing real-life examples to life to help others make genuine connections, choose their words carefully, and create an environment where team members can learn and grow.  Pam’s clients come from a variety of fields, including higher education, healthcare, business, and manufacturing.

Monday, May 6

Engaging Your Team:  The Essential Skills

It’s not about “raising engagement scores.”  It’s about raising employee engagement!  The scores will follow, and so will the ease of leading and managing your team members.  In fact, research tells us that leaders have a significant impact on employee satisfaction, retention and productivity. But there’s an art and science to building solid relationships—and how well you do that can make your life as a leader much less stressful.

Join us for deeper insights around why engagement is so important and suggestions for how you can more easily connect and engage each of your team members.