Our Proposal Development Unit has developed a curated list of critical care funding opportunities available exclusively to MCIRCC members. 

Grand Challenge

Each year, members are eligible to apply for funding through our Grand Challenge competition. The Grand Challenge targets big problems in critical care and rewards bold solutions by supporting high-impact proposals for milestone-driven research over a 12-month time frame. 

U-M Funding Sources

We also help our members access a number of other U-M funding sources including:

MTRAC Kickstart Awards
Up to $25K; Early-stage funding awarded by Fast Forward Medical Innovation (FFMI) to address a discreet milestone that is critical to the advancement of research to the point of product development.

MTRAC for Life Sciences
Up to $190K; Mid-stage, translational research funding and resources to identify, nurture, and "fast forward" projects with a high potential of commercial success.

Coulter Translational Research Partnership Grants
Up to $100K; Support collaborative translational research projects that involve co-investigators from the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) and a clinical department.

MICHR: Partnership Planning Seed Grant for Implementation Science
Up to $10K; This one-year partnership award, through the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR), is designed as a planning grant to forge relationships among 1) scientists and 2) clinicians from nonacademic health science centers, representatives of community-based organizations or the public.

MICHR: Pilot Grant Program Seed Grant
Up to $5K; Funds proposals from basic, clinical, and social scientists for bench-to-bedside and bedside-to-practice translational research.

MICHR K Award for Mentored Clinical Scientist Career Development
50-75% protected time plus $25-30K for research/education; Two-year awards to provide protected time for a clinician scientist to focus on conducting clinical research.

MCubed Seed Funding Program
$60K; Exploratory grants designed to spark innovative research without traditional peer review.

Research Maintenance Awards for Sponsored Projects
$5-15K; Funding from U-M Office of Research to help sustain essential activities of a research project experiencing a temporary hiatus in external funding.

Bridging Support, Small-Scale, and Preliminary Projects for Research Faculty
Funding from U-M Office of Research to cover salary and benefit support for research faculty with a temporary gap in external funding, or to leverage support from colleges/departments for new research efforts, nontraditional collaborations, new interdisciplinary activities, or special equipment needs/renovation.

Small Scale and Preliminary Projects
Funds from U-M Office of Research to leverage support from colleges and departments for new research efforts, nontraditional collaborations, new interdisciplinary activities, or special equipment needs/renovation.

Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) Bridging Support Program for Biomedical Research
Up to $50K; The Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) Bridging Support Program provides funding to continue federally funded biomedical research programs that demonstrate a likelihood of successfully competing for federal funding.

Spring/Summer Research Grants Program, Rackham Graduate School
Provides 50% of GSRA stipend for combined Spring/Summer terms.

U-M Foundation Funding for Faculty
A collection of resources built for faculty and staff at the University of Michigan for securing funding from foundations and other organizations. Requires Level 1 credentials to access. Services include prospect identification, strategy, insights, and proposal review.