The University of Michigan Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care, known as MCIRCC, announced today that they have entered a master collaboration agreement with NovoDynamics, Inc. to accelerate the development and commercialization of next-generation clinical decision support (CDS) solutions that advance the efficacy of critical illness and traumatic injury. Kevin R. Ward, MD, executive director of MCIRCC and professor of emergency medicine at U-M Medical School made the announcement.

Under the agreement, MCIRCC and NovoDynamics will develop real-time CDS solutions driven by adaptive learning algorithms operating on large datasets of patient information including medical images, real-time biosensor data, laboratory values, patient histories and treatment outcomes. Ultimately, the development and commercialization of these cutting-edge technologies will provide critical care physicians and clinicians better tools to quickly diagnose traumatic injuries for the implementation of personalized, time-sensitive treatments to maximize impact and improve patient outcomes. Initial areas of focus include the use of imagery and other patient information to support the treatment of traumatic brain, pelvic and abdominal injuries. All research will be carried out in compliance with appropriate regulations.

“This collaboration marries the strengths of MCIRCC/U-M’s translational research, particularly critical care, predictive analytics, and signal processing, with NovoDynamics’ expertise in advanced pattern recognition, image analysis, data mining and product commercialization,” stated Ward. “We are pleased to join forces with NovoDynamics to aggressively tackle critical care trauma and the burden it poses on the patient, clinician and healthcare system."

“Trauma is the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 1 and 44 and overall, critical care represents a yearly cost to the economy in excess of $260 billion which accounts for nearly 40 percent of total hospital costs,” said David A. Rock, president and chief executive officer at NovoDynamics. “We’re committing NovoDynamics’ expertise and the ground-breaking work of MCIRCC researchers to develop a new class of CDS systems that will allow critical care teams to provide the right care, at the right time, to maximize impact.”

The NovoDynamics partnership is just the first of many collaborative ventures with industry who share MCIRCC’s vision for changing the face of critical care to impact patient health and quality of life.


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About NovoDynamics

NovoDynamics, Inc. develops pattern recognition and predictive analytics solutions that are used throughout the world by commercial industries, governments and academia to capitalize on large, disparate data assets. The company also offers software products, based on similar technologies, designed to capture, classify and extract critical data from documents by converting image-based information into digital formats for business process automation, content management, and search and retrieval solutions. Learn more at


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