In mid-March, members met at MCIRCC's Ideation Lab for Operation TBI-an information and networking session-to discuss the research challenges surrounding traumatic brain injury (TBI). This was MCIRCC's first step in cultivating a TBI research community at U-M, all possible thanks to a generous gift from the Joyce and Don Massey Family Foundation.

Operation TBI provided members with the essential tools to kick-start their research ideas. From an animated presentation that told the TBI story to networking with colleagues from across the university, the night proved crucial in laying down the TBI research groundwork.

Later in the night, attendees were joined by a special guest who had experienced firsthand the devastating effects of TBI. His willingness to share his experiences as a TBI survivor provided MCIRCC members with a deeper insight into the challenges faced in diagnosing and treating TBI.

Members left with an information sheet outlining the TBI research challenge-a tool that will prove invaluable as they begin their TBI research journey.

Stay tuned for the next stages of this critical mission, including the Grand Challenge TBI.

If you weren't able to attend, you can download the information sheet and view the animated presentation.