Massey Family Gift: New Era of TBI Research at U-M

The Massey family, having experienced the devastating effects of TBI first-hand, hope that their gift will ensure that other families are spared from what they endured.

Robert Neumar, MD, PhD, chair of the U-M Medical School's Department of Emergency Medicine and William Barsan, MD, worked with the Massey family to develop the Joyce Massey TBI Program. It includes funds for clinical research, technology innovation, translational research, a patient/family support fund, and an annual TBI summit that brings together key researchers.

The Joyce Massey TBI Program includes:

  • Massey EC3 Clinical Research Program: an ICU-level clinical practice for evaluating and implementing new diagnostic tools, monitoring techniques and therapeutic treatments. 
  • Massey TBI Technology Innovation Fund: to accelerate innovative research to produce technologies that will revolutionize the treatment of TBI during the "golden hours." 
  • Massey TBI Translational Research Program: to create and test interventional treatments that can have real-world impact. 
  • Massey TBI Patient & Family Support Fund: to assist patients treated in the EC3 and their families with the financial burden of TBI treatment and care. 
  • Annual Massey TBI Summit: to bring together key researchers from across the country working on cutting-edge TBI research. The inaugural summit will be held September 25th in Ann Arbor

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As part of the Joyce Massey TBI Program, several TBI research proposals were chosen by the Oversight Committee for immediate, one-year funding:

Translational Science Projects

  • Early administration of plasma and valproic acid (a brain protecting drug) to decrease the degree of brain injury and improve the speed of recovery -Hasan Alam
  • Use of a cancer medication, Imatinib, also known as Gleevec, to protect the injured brain cells - Daniel Lawrence, Enming Su
  • Treatment with an iron binding agent, deferoxamine, to reduce brain injury after traumatic brain hemorrhage - Guohua Xi, Ya Hua, Richard Keep, Hao Zhao
  • Administration of branch chain amino acids and memantine to attenuate the traumatic brain damage - Leslie Satin

Technology Development Projects

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