Maile and Ansari Selected for MICHR Training Programs

The Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR) offers career development awards for early career clinicians and scientists. This year, MCIRCC members Michael Maile, MD, and Sardar Ansari, PhD, were chosen to participate in two of MICHR's training programs.

Ansari was selected for the Postdoctoral Translational Scholar Program (PTSP), which is designed to prepare individuals for independent careers in translational research. Ansari is developing a non-invasive sensor capable of hemodynamic monitoring and assessment of fluid responsiveness. Hemodynamic monitoring is an essential component of patient care in a variety of medical settings and current solutions are invasive and can lead to complications. The device will be worn on the finger and will also use machine learning to predict hemodynamic instability in addition to monitoring vascular reactivity.

Maile was chosen to participate in the MICHR K Award, which allows clinician scientists to focus on conducting clinical research. His focus will be studying critically ill patients with elevated cardiac troponin levels that are not caused by acute coronary syndrome. Elevated concentrations of cardiac troponin in critically ill patients are common and associated with morbidity and mortality.

Maile’s project seeks to better understand both the underlying mechanisms and the outcomes of affected individuals. He’s working to create a biorepository of samples, which will be used to measure the concentrations of various hormones and other biochemical mediators. The results will provide important information about the processes that are associated with this situation.

In addition to completing their research projects, Maile and Ansari will participate in seminars and workshops in clinical and translational research methodology, research and career guidance from multidisciplinary mentorship teams, and national exposure through participation in the Association of Clinical and Translational Science annual meeting in Washington, D.C.