Ashwin Belle: Data Science Superhero

Dr. Ashwin Belle is an analytics architect on the Data Science team at the Michigan Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care (MCIRCC), one of the nation’s most innovative organizations in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating patients with critical illness or injury and a part of the University of Michigan’s Michigan Medicine Health System. MCIRCC is comprised of several teams, faculty members, and physicians who are focused on using interdisciplinary collaboration to discover new and better ways to diagnose, detect, and treat medical problems with technology.

The field of medicine is awash in data from doctor visits, diagnostic tests, and routine patient monitoring by machines and nurses alike, presenting a huge opportunity for data scientists like Ashwin. Even though machines are constantly monitoring patients, long-term patterns often go unrecognized due to the fleeting nature of doctors’ rounds and nurse visits and the sheer volume of data that is produced. The challenge lies in capturing and prioritizing which pieces of data are relevant.

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