Chris Gillies  Data Scientist, MCIRCC

Chris Gillies

Data Scientist, MCIRCC

Tell us a little about your background…What brought you to MCIRCC?

I have a PhD in Computer Science with a focus on bioinformatics and data mining. During my PhD program, I worked with Beaumont Health System studying gene expression signatures and developing web applications to help manage some of their studies. When I graduated, I began studying the genetics of kidney disease with Matthew Sampson and Matthias Kretzler. I wanted to join the MCIRCC team because I was very excited about the notion of applying machine learning methods directly at a patient's bedside to predict poor outcomes and hopefully save lives.


Are there any projects you are particularly excited about working on?

There are so many cool projects here at MCIRCC. Specifically, I am very excited by the idea of collecting multiple predictive measures like AHI, SOFA, and CHF scores into a dashboard that is helpful for clinical decision making.


Is there anything you want to tell members about your particular data strategies or vision?

I am very interested in the prospect of applying deep learning methodologies to some of the waveforms collected to evaluate if these methods can improve on current approaches. Also, I am interested in leveraging more cloud-based strategies to store and present the results of some analyses.


Summer is almost here! Do you have any big plans or things you like to do?

My family and I are going to Oscoda Michigan, which is right on Lake Huron. My kids love to go to the beaches and play on the sand dunes. We are very excited about going!