What sparked your interest in working for MCIRCC? 

I was drawn to MCIRCC for two primary reasons. First, my work in the Proposal Development Unit allows me to be involved in the entire proposal development process, and I look forward to helping with everything from strategic planning to proposal submission. Second, I find it so energizing that MCIRCC focuses on bringing many people together from different disciplines to develop transformative solutions in critical care and on actually getting those solutions out into the world to save and restore patients during medical emergencies. This is important and exciting work, and I am very happy to be part of the MCIRCC team.   


What specific projects are you most excited about tackling?  

I am excited to help MCIRCC members with any proposal they are pursuing, but I am especially excited to help develop large, complex proposals (e.g., program projects, center grants). I am also excited to help with proposals that focus on developing innovative, life-saving products and technologies so we can get them to market faster. Finally, my professional passion lies in substantive grant editing, so I am very excited to help members ensure the technical pieces of their proposals are clear, concise, cohesive, and persuasive through comprehensive editing. My scientific background and strong proposal writing and editing skills allow me to provide input on strategic messaging as well as a critical review from the perspective of a non-subject-matter-expert (which many of your reviewers will likely be).  


What would you like MCIRCC members to know about the Proposal Development Unit?   

The Proposal Development Unit can do a variety of things to help you submit a competitive proposal, including finding funding opportunities and strategic positioning. We can also help significantly with proposal planning and development (e.g., creating writing and submission timelines, requirements checklists, and writing templates; drafting supporting documents; coordinating with your research administrator; providing writing, editing, and graphics expertise). The most important thing is that you reach out to me early—as soon as you know you might want to submit a proposal (or even if you just have an idea but aren’t sure of the appropriate sponsor). I am here to help in any way I can, but during busy periods when I am at maximum capacity, it might be difficult to accommodate late requests—so again, contact me ASAP!


Share something interesting about yourself that might otherwise not come up in conversation.  

I recently bought a fixer upper house that is constructed out of an old Quonset hut. The Quonset hut originally served as a military barracks during World War II, and it was later moved to its current location to become a home (with a normal exterior built around the Quonset shell). For the past year, we have spent all our spare time on extensive renovations. The house—which used to be very dingy, dated, and cramped—is now a beautiful blend of industrial, contemporary, minimalist, and mid-century modern styles. My favorite features are the open concept curved white walls, the exposed curved metal beams, the polished concrete floor, the bathroom wall covered in tiny grey hexagon tiles, and the mid-century modern furniture and fixtures. The house is not quite finished, but we are getting close! Next, we will renovate our outdoor patio area, create some curb appeal, and make some trails in the woods next to the house.