lawrence an, md

Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
Director of the Center for Health Communications Research (CHCR)


Lawrence An is a general internist and Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan where he serves as the Director of the Center for Health Communications Research (CHCR). In this role, Dr. An oversees a multidisciplinary team that has developed over 150 tailored health programs across the continuum of care. Dr. An did his medical training and internal medicine residency at the University of Michigan before completing a fellowship with the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar’s program. For 11 years prior to joining the University of Michigan faculty, Dr. An was on faculty at the University of Minnesota where he worked closely with health plans, health care provider organizations, and the state health department. Dr. An’s research teams have developed and tested several web-based tailored interventions for health behavior change. His research has focused on tobacco cessation and health promotion in the areas of clinical guideline implementation and health systems change, design and evaluation of statewide public health services, and development of innovative web-based and mobile interventions.