mohamed e.h. elsayed, phd

Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Macromolecular Science and Engineering Program


Dr. Mohamed E.H. ElSayed received his Bachelors and Doctoral degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences in May 1994 and July 2002 from Cairo University and the University of Maryland in Baltimore, respectively. He was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Washington, Department of Bioengineering from November 2002 to August 2006 before joining the University of Michigan in January 2007 where he established the Cellular Engineering & Nano-Therapeutics Laboratory.

Dr. ElSayed’s research program focuses on the development of bio-inspired drug delivery systems that enhance the therapeutic activity of the incorporated drug molecules while eliminating or minimizing their potential side effects. Specifically, Dr. ElSayed investigates the transport mechanism(s) of small molecules, macromolecules, and polymeric drug delivery systems across epithelial and endothelial barriers under normal and pathological conditions and utilizes this knowledge to rationally design and synthesize novel “smart” polymeric carriers that can effectively exploit these transport mechanisms to selectively deliver their therapeutic cargo to the diseased tissues with cellular and sub-cellular accuracy.

Dr. ElSayed is a recipient of the US Department of Defense Idea Award in Prostate Cancer Research, Coulter Foundation Translational Research Partnership in Biomedical Engineering Award, the National Science Foundation-CAREER Award, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, the US Department of Defense Multidisciplinary Postdoctoral Award in Breast Cancer Research, and the National Cancer Center Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Dr. ElSayed is a member of the Rho-Chi National Pharmacy Honor Society, the Controlled Release Society, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and the Biomedical Engineering Society.