Megan VanStratt MCIRCC Marketing Director

Megan VanStratt
MCIRCC Marketing Director

Tell us a little bit about your background... What brought you to MCIRCC?
I’m a Michigan native, raised in Northville, but have spent the last 11 years in Seattle, WA. My last job was at the University of Washington where I was Director of Alumni Relations and Communications for University Advancement. After my son, Shepherd, was born in February, my husband, Corey, and I decided it was time to get closer to our families here in the "Midbest." I was especially drawn to the position at MCIRCC by the passionate, mission-driven focus I saw within the organization and its staff and I was excited to work toward such an interesting and sustaining goal.

Are there any projects you're particularly excited about working on?
I’m looking forward to diving in feet first to the Grand Challenge this March.

Is there anything you want to tell members about your marketing strategy or vision?
My marketing strategy is pretty simple. Figure out your goal and then align your strategies and priorities to that goal. Stay organized, communicate well and often, strive for efficiency, and bring treats to your coworkers.

The holiday break is almost here! Do you have any big plans to celebrate?
This is my son’s first Christmas, and the first year in a long time that we will be around our families for the holidays so I expect lots of big gatherings, good food, and excessive weight gain.