Justin Jones Research Manager, Emergency Medicine  jcjones@umich.edu

Justin Jones
Research Manager, Emergency Medicine

You've worked at the University in several different fields… How has your experience with lab animal medicine and endocrinology shaped your outlook on Emergency Medicine?
Having worked with other groups has shaped my outlook on research and let me see that we are all part of a working community with a common goal. I like to think that whether our groups intersect or run parallel we are all working for the greater good. Other groups have shown me that there is sometimes more than one way of doing something while yielding the same results.

You work with multiple research teams in Emergency Medicine. What are some of the most interesting projects you’re involved with?
After working for 12 years in Endocrinology specifically with mice, I have to say the large animal models are most interesting research projects for me. Hemorrhagic shock and the sepsis model are the two I find the most interesting. I was most impressed with the degree at which the animals were cared for and studied. The environment is very controlled and technologically advanced. I have been in human ORs before and they did not have the equipment and instrumentation that EMR has. I find it fascinating that we can recreate these two life threatening conditions, in a controlled environment, to gain a better understanding for future treatments. I am confident that we will make great steps going forward.

What would you tell someone who is interested in joining MCIRCC?
I would say don’t hesitate.  You can be a part of a village that has a broad network of knowledge and support.

Do you have any fun plans or traditions to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
Being part Irish, my family usually has a traditional Irish dinner including corned beef and cabbage. I grew up eating this and I would like my children to also have this experience. We also talk about our ancestry and the struggles they had coming to America.