Mike Dorsch, PHARMD Clinical Associate Professor Clinical Pharmacy  mdorsch@umich.edu

Mike Dorsch, PHARMD
Clinical Associate Professor
Clinical Pharmacy

Not everyone makes the immediate connection between pharmacy and critical care. Can you explain what role you play as a pharmacist in the spectrum of critical care?
My clinical training and practice is in inpatient cardiology so critical care is a natural progression. In addition, many of the concepts in MCIRCC are present ambulatory cardiology (big data analytics, risk prediction, etc.).

What research projects are you currently working on?
I am currently enrolling for 2 clinical trials determining the effectiveness of mobile applications we have created for patient care. One helps support patient self-management in heart failure and the other can help patients identify low sodium food options at grocery stores and restaurants. We are also working on how to integrate these applications into the electronic medication record for clinical decision support. 

How has MCIRCC helped to facilitate those projects?
MCIRCC is facilitating a grant submission that will help build the bridge from our heart failure mobile application and the electronic health record. This submission will also create risk prediction models for inpatient and outpatient heart failure to accelerate knowledge of a patient becoming clinically worse.

Everyone starts a new year with at least one resolution in mind... Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2018?
I am pretty boring. I transition to a tenure track position at the College of Pharmacy in March so my resolution is to submit 2 “big” grants this year. I also just bought the book “Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness” recently. I hope to finish this book sometime in 2018 : ).