nicholas kotov, phd

Professor, Chemical Engineering


Professor Nicholas A. Kotov is a Joseph and Florence V. Cejka Professor of Engineering at the University of Michigan. He graduated consecutively with a BS and PhD from Moscow State University where he was working on biomimetic interfaces. He later completed post-doctoral training at Syracuse University working on nanomaterials. Kotov has received multiple university, national, and international awards. He was elected as Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2012. He serves as an Associate Editor for ACS Nano and as a member of Advisory Boards of several nanotechnology and materials journals. 

Professor Kotov's research interests include multifunctional composites for biomedical implants, biosensors, and artificial organs. He is also developing nanoparticles for drug delivery and biomedical imaging. Some of the recent projects include structural design of nanomaterials to combat drug resistant bacteria and biofilms.