omar Ahmed, phd

Assistant Professor,  Psychology
Assistant Professor,  Biomedical Engineering
Assistant Professor,  Neuroscience


Dr. Omar’s lab works to understand neural circuits and to repair them using novel therapies. To do so, they use electrophysiology (in both humans and rodents), optogenetics, two-photon imaging and computational methods to study neuropsychiatric circuit dynamics. They are also experts at making sense of big data, focusing on new ways of understanding brain rhythms as biomarkers of disease progression. By collaborating with clinicians, they hope to work together to design new biophysically-inspired therapies for traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, post-traumatic epilepsy and post-traumatic depression.

Dr. Omar also teaches two newly designed courses: "Brain Rhythms in Cognition, Mental Health and Epilepsy" & "Introduction to Neural Circuits". The goal is to help to train the next generation of researchers and clinicians to use a detailed knowledge of neural circuits combined with quantitative techniques to study and treat neurological and psychiatric disorders.