Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology


Dr. Kheterpal is an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology in the Department of Surgery.  He received his Bachelor of Science, Doctorate of Medicine, and Master in Business Administration from the University of Michigan.  Prior to a clinical anesthesiology career, he was the lead architect of a leading commercially available clinical information system – General Electric Centricity®.  He led the global clinical information system product development and mergers and acquisitions team at GE Healthcare IT.  He brings nearly two decades of informatics, software development, and business administration experience to perioperative outcomes research. 

He is the principal investigator of the multicenter perioperative outcomes group (MPOG), a consortium of more than 30 anesthesiology and surgical departments.   He is recognized as a national leader in perioperative large dataset clinical research and has published numerous articles, editorials, and book chapters regarding intraoperative management and long term postoperative outcomes.  Using innovative techniques to integrate administrative, electronic health record, and registry data across institutions, Dr. Kheterpal has created the MPOG centralized research database, with nearly 1 million perioperative records with risk adjusted long term outcome data and detailed clinical intervention data.  Dr. Kheterpal’s current research focus is evaluating the comparative effectiveness of intraoperative anesthesiology interventions on long-term patient outcomes.