Large Animal Intensive Care Unit
Advanced Models for Pre-Clinical Translational Sciences

MCIRCC recognizes that a major bottleneck in translational research is the lack of viable, demonstrable models that more accurately simulate human disease and treatment options in the pre-clinical stages of critical care.

MCIRCC’s Pre-Clinical Operative and Intensive Care Unit is a unique facility that is designed to produce best in class high-fidelity large animal models of multisystem disease and injury, such as but not limited to trauma, cardiac arrest, sepsis, ARDS, and traumatic brain injury allowing for combinatorial discovery and translational science as well as technology development.

These models are available for integrated projects ranging from exploring the basic pathophysiology of critical illness and injury to developing new diagnostics, therapeutics, devices, and digital health solutions ready for clinical testing in critical care.  The unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art high resolution physiologic and metabolic monitoring and analytic equipment providing for unique “physiomic” monitoring, tissue banking and analysis for preclinical research.

The unit is staffed with highly qualified and trained individuals ranging from doctoral researchers, veterinarians, veterinarian residents and technicians as well as laboratory research assistant. Several of the unit members who oversee this effort serve on the UM IACUC and other institutional committees related to animal care and use.  This fully equipped large animal operating suite consists of two stations for non-survival surgery, four stations for survival surgery, two stations for recovery and intensive care and two preparation rooms with separate entrances for surgeon prep and for animal prep/recovery

The unit can provide and assist you with the following:

  • Assist with the development of high-fidelity preclinical models

  • Provide advice and assistance with all aspect protocol development and IACUC submission (writing, statistical procedures, power analysis, etc.)

  • Provide technical and hands on assistant with experimental procedures (Anesthesia, surgery, data collection and storing, blood and tissue sampling and recovery) as well as statistical analysis

  • Assist with regulatory requirement

  • Assist with data analysis and reporting

  • Provide technical training and educational sessions

For further information, questions, or to request a meeting contact:

M. Hakam Tiba, MD or Brendan McCracken, BS

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