One of our key goals is to help our members get innovative and impactful innovations to the bedside as quickly as possible. Commercially viable solutions to problems in Emergency Medicine can take several forms. Our Commercialization Coaches are experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated the challenging waters of taking an idea into the marketplace. They work closely with our members to help license innovations to existing suppliers like GE and IBM or to newly formed start-ups such as New Vital Signs and SpringMatter.  We can even help our members create new start-ups for their innovation.

Our Commercialization Coaches can also assist in finding additional funding resources to move your project farther down the path to proving commercial viability. We are a conduit to internal funding opportunities such as Fast Forward Medical Innovation (FFMI) KickStart or Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC), as well as external funding sources and business partnerships.

Other commercialization services include:

  • evaluating business opportunities by assisting in customer discovery and value proposition creation;
  • flushing out key areas of the Mission Model Canvas or Business Model Canvas;
  • connecting members to key resources inside and outside the University; and
  • providing project planning and management skills to successfully position your development for commercial success.

For more information contact:
Phil Jacokes, MBA
Managing Director, MCIRCC